Areas of Specialization*

ADD/ADHD (including adult ADD)
Bipolar disorder, depressive disorders
Tics/Tourette Syndrome
Reactive attachment disorder (RAD)
Anxiety disorders including panic, OCD & PTSD
Adoption issues
Autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger’s)
Nutritional deficiencies
Video game/internet overuse/addiction
Tech addiction/smartphone addiction
Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS: overstimulation from electronics)

Psychotic disorders (including in children)

Integrative & Holistic Modalities

Electronic fast (“Reset Program”) and individualized screen-time management
Environmental & lifestyle interventions

Food & chemical sensitivity testing (including gluten sensitivity)
Individualized supplements
Micronutrient and hormone testing
Psychotropic medication management
School consultations

*Specialty list is not all-inclusive.  I will be honest with you about my experience treating particular disorders and will refer you to a colleague if needed.