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Nutrition for the Mind and Body: Weight Management

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Weight Management and Mental Health

Here’s how it works, folks:
Poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, being sedentary, lower muscle mass, age, mental health disorders, alcohol, hormone unbalance, medical illness, and many psychotropic (psychiatric) medications can cause blood sugar fluctuations.  Blood sugar and insulin act in tandem, and insulin is released when the body senses a spike in glucose (blood sugar levels) .  If there is a large sugar spike, there is also a large insulin release.  Insulin’s job is to help all your body’s cells take in glucose, which is what all cells use for energy.  With a large insulin release, there is a sudden transfer of glucose from the bloodstream to the inside of the cells-causing hypoglycemia, aka low blood sugar. It is CRUCIAL that you understand this last process in order to eat right and manage your weight.

Insulin dysregulation (large swings in insulin levels) lowers the metabolic rate because your body, from a evolutionary point of view, does not know when the next meal will be.  Erratic=unpredictable to your brain and body, so the brain says, “Hey! Just to be safe, since things are kinda crazy around here, let’s conserve and slow things down…you never know when the next meal will be!”

Insulin dysregulation is also what causes over eating and carb craving.  When blood sugar is low, this is when we are RAVENOUS and need to EAT RIGHT NOW.   At this point, you don’t care what it is because you don’t feel good, and need to raise your blood sugar.  This is why “willpower” doesn’t work with dieting!  Not eating when your blood sugar is low is like telling someone to stop breathing- it’s impossible.

Insulin dysregulation, over time, causes insulin resistance and weight gain.
This whole process leads to a vicious cycle, making it harder and harder to lose weight.  The key is regulating this process by keeping blood sugar steady.  The Reset plan is designed to do just that- it’s a 5 day plan that resets your blood sugar and insulin regulation, so you are not as hungry, have diminished cravings, and are much less likely to overeat and make poor choices.  The Reset also helps take off that stubborn spare tire around the waist!   And it’s self motivating, because you can take off 5 pounds in 5 days.

Many medications, especially neuroleptics/antipsychotics, and anticonvulsants (both classes of which are used as mood stabilizers) exacerbate this process.  Even the SSRI’s, (a category of antidepressant)-which are supposed to be weight neutral, can cause this over time.   It just doesn’t show up in year 1 so they say its weight neutral!  Not everyone experiences this of course, and many people don’t find they crave carbs on medications, but it is important to note.

Many mental conditions also cause carbohydrate cravings, because you need carbohydrates to make serotonin, a major neurotransmitter involved in the sense of well-being.

Can you see what a set up this is?  It is extremely important to get the blood sugar under control, stop eating junk food/fast food,  reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates.  This protects you not just from weight gain, but from degenerative diseases in general, which is what most of us will die from.  It also provides for a much healthier brain and helps regulate mood.  If you eat right MOST of the time, and exercise regularly (even for 10 minutes!!), and take a complete multivitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement as a LIFESTYLE change, you will make great strides in your current and especially your future health.  The AMA and American Academy of Pediatrics have reversed their respective stance about supplements, and now state that it would be “prudent” for everyone to take a daily multivitamin and mineral.

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Take control of your weight and wellness!

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